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 +Lo que hay que saber cuendo quieres usar C como dev pyhon:
 +^ C      ^ Python ​         ^
 +| The variable is typed (you need fill the type), that's help with the security | The variable is typeless |
 +| Pointer allow manipulated raw memory | No pointer |
 +| Have large mature lib, used for any system call | Have wrapper but is more slow |
 +| Have abstraction only where it have sense, you need code for architecture/​OS for specific part (reduced specific part from C++11 C++17, ...) | all is abstracted, the same code work everywhere but you don't use specification of the OS/hardware |
 +| C is mostly compiled (interpreter exists) | Python is mostly interpreted (JIT, compiler exists) |
 +| Is faster | Is slower (can be improved) |
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